Hospitality water cost reduction and sustainability

SMART FLOW- Measure water usage and Reduce water consumption by 30%.

In the hospitality industry water is an essential resource but also the water cost is increasing. To be able to reduce your business’s water consumption, you first need to know exactly how much water your business consumes on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. SMART FLOW enables you to do this by translating your water flow into quantifiable data.

Find out how SMART FLOW will save you a minimum of 30% on your water usage or we will issue a full refund

Fact: “An overflowing toilet could cost you over £5000 per year if left unattended.”

Hotels and other tourist accommodation establishments can play an important role in guaranteeing sustainable water use and helping to preserve the local economy by introducing measures that result in efficient water use.

Reducing water usage in the hospitality industry not only supports cost optimization but also sustainable hospitality operations.

Fact: “Heating water consumes over 10% of your energy costs. Reducing hot water excessive usage and leakage reduces your overall energy bill”

SMART FLOW will reduce your water costs by 30% plus

Our smart water technology gives any hospitality business real-time data on water usage and costs to get a clear understanding of your saving opportunities. SMART FLOW’s monitoring agents with the assistance of AI software constantly monitors and only alerts you to issues,eliminating false alarms. This provides you with 24/7 access to valuable information on your portfolio’s water consumption. 

SMART FLOW has a tangible return on investment (ROI) in as little as 2 months for a hospitality premises.

Find out how SMART FLOW will save you a minimum of 30% on your water usage.