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● Protects your property

● An esg essential tool

● insights for Water reduction


SMART FLOW is a real-time intelligent water monitoring company, helping with water usage reduction, while providing property protection from plumbing leaks. An ESG essential solution for water sustainability.

Control and reduce all your water usage/costs

SMART FLOW provides the technology and software to reduce and control all your water costs including reducing your energy cost of heating hot water.

Eliminate excessive water usage, human error, appliance failure and plumbing leaks. Reduce the time and resources to manually check water meter readings.  Additional benefits include protecting your building from water damage and capex expenditure associated with building maintenance. 

SMART FLOW’s monitoring agents with the assistance of AI software constantly monitors the flow of water within your buildings, and only alerts you to issues when needed, eliminating any false alarms. This provides you with 24/7 real time access to verified information for your portfolio’s water consumption.

SMART FLOW property protection

Install typically takes 1 hour with instant insights and actionable data. 

Pro active and predictive water monitoring

No More Manual checking water meters

All water information is accessible in real time via App/ desktop

Cost & Time Saving

90% of issues are resolved without the need for mechanical plumbing call out charges. Reduce your operational costs.

Property Protection

Ability to shut the water off remotely when an issue is detected.

Water Sustainability and Carbon Foot print

Did you know typically 10% of water saved is hot water. This will directly reduce your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Mechanical is in our DNA

SMART FLOW is not only the world’s leading water technology company but also a  mechanical company with over 20 years expertise in water related issues. SMART FLOW  blends technical knowledge and mechanical expertise with AI tech to deliver through cost savings and property protection  in real time 24/7. 

International Award Winning technology now installed in 1000’s of commercial properties.

Our clients

Driving water efficiency for leading brands
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