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The impact of water on energy costs

Impact of water on energy costs

Energy plays a significant part in modern life. Many processes and actions in our daily lives would be impossible to carry out without the use of energy. Heating, lighting for properties, and businesses, transportation, and industrial processes are examples of such processes and activities. Domestic and commercial energy demand is […]

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Reducing Commercial Water Costs in the UK

commercial water costs

Commercial water costs in the UK have risen rapidly over the past few years. ” Reducing water costs alongside reducing energy costs is on every business leaders priority list”. Today, water is one of the most vital resources for any UK business and reducing the amount of water is an […]

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SMART FLOW SAVES WATER- DELIVERING OVER 500 MILLION LITRES IN WATER SAVINGS FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS. London, United Kingdom: SMART FLOW today announced that they officially saved in excess of 500 million litres of water for their UK and Irish customers in 2021. The cost savings in financial terms is in […]

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Why SMART FLOW and why now ?

Would you allow your business to go unprotected without a monitored burglar alarm?   Did you know that your property is three times more likely to be damaged by a plumbing leak than by burglary? Why would you invest in a monitored water leak detection system which would help protect your […]

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